How to Fix paper jamming on Canon printer

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Paper jamming is a common issue on any printer, and there can be multiple reasons for this issue. However, focusing on the reason won’t be enough, and so we need to fix the issue when you can’t either take out the paper or use your model for printing.  

So if the jammed papers are stuck and you cannot remove them from the rear tray or output slot either, then go with these steps shown to help you with this problem and print with your Canon printer again.

Before you start fixing the issue –

  • See whether the paper output slot is clean. If it’s covered with ink or dirt, make it clean.
  • If your Canon printer is printing and at the same time paper jammed, then you need to press the STOP button and then turn off the printer quickly and try to remove these papers.

Fixing your Canon printer paper jam issue –

If you are done with the above two points and still experience the same issue, see the below instructions to help you take all jammed papers out from the paper tray. Follow these guidelines:-  

  • Step 1- First of all, you have to turn off your Canon printer model. Then, unplug it for easy fixing.
  • Step 2- Now, your printer isn’t working, so retract the paper output tray on your device.
  • Step 3- Open the cover and make sure you don’t touch clear film during this process. Additionally, you will need to be careful to avoid damage. Try to prevent soil or scratch with paper or anything else.  
  • Step 4- It’s time to check jammed paper, hence, see if the paper is under the FINE cartridge holder. If you find the situation, then shift the FINE cartridge holder according to your ease to the left or right.
  • Step 5- During the FINE cartridge holder movement, hold it and slide to the far left or right. Also, use both your hands and hold jammed paper firmly.
  • Step 6- Pull out the paper if its rolled up and check whether you removed all jammed papers.
  • Step 7-

 You are done here. Still, you need to see if there is any paper left on the FINE cartridge holder. If yes, perform all steps again. If not, start happy printing now.

If you still face the paper jamming issue more times, you should service your Canon printer once.

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