Valheim’s 3million copies sold being hottest PC-game

Valheim is the new hottest PC game by Steam, where its Early Access sales charts show its 3 million sold copies. Polygon appeared to like its $20 Viking-themed survival game.

Just 8 days after launch, on February 10th, indie developer Iron Gate reported that Valheim had already sold its 1 million copies. After 5 days then, Valheim got 2 million sales. On February 19th then, it hit 3 million sales.

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Something you should know about Valheim –

  • At one point of Steam, Valheim is the second most played PC game, ahead of each game save Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that’s sitting at number three at this point.
  • With roughly 392,000 concurrent players on Steam, it’s already set a top-ten record.
  • With 410,000 players, it took the #9 spot by Friday that pulls down Postal.
  • During Valve’s Steam Lunar New Year sale, it topped the Steam Top Sellers list with zero discount

The nearest equal is maybe PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which similarly emerged from Steam Early Access, sold tons of copies during Steam deals, and it set a record for the Steam game with the most concurrent players (3.2 million), actually standing today and commenced the whole battle royale genre that generated the present Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, Fortnite, and more.

Even PUBG required a long time to arrive at the sort of numbers that Valheim already has now and was with nail-biting, action-packed, genre-defining, and streamer-friendly games to makes for a wonderfully tense watch.

At Polygon, Cass Marshal points out that it’s additionally easy to learn and incredibly accessible. In Valheim, you don’t require to spend so long time to create some basic tools, as well as no requirement to acquire blueprints. You can immediately crush a portion of a design and refund your materials if it’s not exactly right.

We can’t say how long the magic will keep going after building temporary forward operating bases. There’s also no nettling for the 2 million players and counting as well for lasted this.

Though, we guess word-of-mouth may let Valheim going for a while. It’s been all declining for Among Us on PC, which at present only draws in one-10th of its peak player count of last September’s 438,000. 

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